Mailspring Plugin SDK

The Mailspring Plugin SDK allows you to create powerful extensions to Mailspring, a mail client for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. Building on Mailspring saves time and allows you to build innovative new experiences fast. Get Started

Installing Mailspring

Mailspring is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Download the latest build for your platform below:

Package Architecture

Packages lie at the heart of Mailspring. Each part of the core experience is a separate package that uses the Nylas Package API to add functionality to the client. Learn more about packages and create your first package.

Dive Deeper

Debugging Packages

Mailspring is built on top of Electron, which runs the latest version of Chromium. Learn how to access debug tools in Electron and use our Developer Tools Extensions:


Need help? Check out the FAQ or post a question in the slack channel.

Building these docs

Until my patch gets merged, docs need to be built manually using my fork.

git clone

cd mailspring

./node_modules/.bin/gitbook alias ../gitbook latest

Then to actually build the docs:

script/grunt docs

./node_modules/.bin/gitbook --gitbook=latest build . ./_docs_output --log=debug --debug

rm -r docs_src/classes

If you want to preview the docs:

pushd ./_docs_output; python -m SimpleHTTPServer; popd


  • Add plugin examples with code (es6 not coffeescript)
  • Smart Linkify references. Maybe use something like gitbook-plugin-regexplace
  • Have class reference files link to their actual sourcefiles
  • Consider adding infinite scroll

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